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It is time to take control of your life and your home based business, time to forget the past and have a life that YOU create rather than a life that happened to you!!One very simple way to improve your business is to stop hanging out with negative people. You need to “fire” them from your life. Stop and think who are you going to fire? Are you ready to expect different support in your life, by only hanging out with supportive people.The easiest way to fire people is simply by not being available. When they call and suggest getting together you say you are already busy. When you stop doing the activities that they want to do they will stop wanting to “hang out” with you. This happens naturally all the time in life. When I quit smoking; my friends changed. When I quit socially drinking; my friends changed. This is natural! You are simply going to initiate the process a little sooner by not being available.

When you get clear, really clear, about what you want in your life and your home based business you eliminate choice. You will see that there are tasks that MUST be done and when you want to be successful; you will choose to do them.Asking yourself these 4 questions will require courage because they will make you look at your life just a little bit differently and open up possibilities in your life.1) Whats going well for you? It really is awesome that good things hide as ordinary, expected, and unremarkable. Our home business ads providing the leads and contacts we expected. Getting home quickly and easily through rush hour traffic. Children who get good grades in school. Celebrate what is working for you right now. Notice what is good and savor it.2) What are you trying to ignore? Worry is a tap on the shoulder that says “hey something important is happening here”. You need to take a look at what is causing the worry, pay attention and stop looking the other way. You are at the point where you really do need to change. You have been worried about the cost of your advertising. STOP take a look at where the money is going, do the research and find out if it is money well spent. If not, do something about it. You are on the edge of something pay attention, stop ignoring the issue.3) What is boring you? What has become ho hum in your life? You know things have become to comfortable when when you get bored. I recently read a definition that I love “comfortable is just boredom with good PR” It is time to stir things up, do something different. Remember successful people are action oriented and unsuccessful people are comfort oriented. Where are you? The chances are that it shows in your business.

4) Who do you love? Remember you have connections forward and back. People in your past plus the people in your future. And as you build your home based business you have people you love here and elsewhere around the world. Who are the people that when you think about them you smile? They have left their mark on you, just as you have left your mark on them. Relationships are key, hanging out with negative people will bring you negative results. It is time to “fire” those people and allow room for the positive to come into your life.

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Focusing forward on what you need to do in your home based business no matter the challenges or celebrations is not always the easiest thing to do. Yes it can be easier said than done! Life can take us out over and over again if we let it. AND yes we let it. I am not saying you don’t keep all of your commitments, what I am saying is to take a look at your commitments. Are they commitments that will move your business forward or just take you out of the game?What are some of the ways that you can be focused forward on your business?

Understand that your business consists of many “projects” and that you don’t have to take an entire project on at once. Break your tasks up into small “doable” chunks, that way it will not seem so overwhelming. I know that when I first started learning about social media a task for the day might simply be to learn a new program that would assist me in becoming more efficient.

Set aside specific times of the day to work on your business, let your family and friends know that at this specific time you are unavailable. Only you will be able to figure out what that time of day is depending upon your schedule. Remember when you are at a job your family and friends cannot come and interrupt you when ever they want. Apply the same rules to your home based business
Ask yourself what is most important to you right now. What do you most want? Where do you want your business to be in 5 years? Asking yourself quality questions will make a huge difference because your brain will start looking for those answers. When you ask yourself forward focused questions that is where your brain will take your thoughts. Rather than heading down that negative road to the past.
When you begin to feel that “overwhelmed feeling” STOP and rejoice! Because that means you are learning, creating new habits and moving your business forward. But only stop for a little while, just long enough to celebrate, then get right back at er! This may also be the time where you need to turn to a coach or mentor. I have many coaches and mentors and have many CD’s and books that I can turn to WHENEVER I need to. I know that just listening to a CD from one of my mentors can get me right back on track and forward focused.
And when you are ready the old proverb holds true…

A teacher will appear when the student is ready.You can take your business forward by learning and using social media a fun way to find customers, clients, leads and new friends on-line.